Insurance Inventory Services

If you had a fire or flood, would you be able to list all the valuables in your home? Our insurance inventory service takes that piece out of an already stressful situation for your home or business.

The process of documenting your property is simple. We start out with a short consultation to find out exactly what you want us to record on video. You don’t need to feel like you need to open every drawer or closet and show us whats inside, just remember this is for you later to review and remember what is in those locations. We then go around with you and you may show us the items you want inventoried and feel free to narrate as we go along.

Once we have completed the video inventory for your property, you will receive 2 DVD or Blu-Ray copies of your inventory. These are both to be stored off site. One can go to your insurance agent to be kept in their files and the other can go to a location of your choosing. many choose a safety deposit box for example.

This product can literally save you thousands in an insurance claim in the event of a catastrophe. Don’t get caught un prepared. Be proactive and have us at MLP help you with your insurance inventory.