Business Promotional Services

Businesses these days need to do everything they can to keep ahead of the game and ahead in their industry. A quality video production can help keep ahead of the competition. 

We produce corporate promotional videos, trade show videos, web videos, training videos, and more.

Promotional Videos

These videos can be produced to achieve a variety of things. They can be as simple as a short informational clip regarding a product or service, or as complicated as outlining a benefit package for an investment firm. There really is no limit to what these videos can achieve. We have produced many different promotional videos over the years for a number of businesses.

Tradeshow Videos

The tradeshow video is geared to be a short, eye catching video to be displayed at a tradeshow or other display area. Typically these are displayed on a computer or TV. They are great for pulling prospective customers or clients in. These videos also are great to share on your website or facebook page to maximize your investment.

Training Videos

Training or instructional videos have a specific purpose behind them. Every product or service is different and such every video is different. Videos can be produced on how to assemble a piece of hardware, opperate machinery, conduct some service for a customer, the options are limitless. Here at MLP we understand the important parts that you need to get across to your customers. We have the expertice and experience to make your training video a success.

Below is an example of a training video produced by MLP

Let MLP produce your next corporate business promotional video. We work closely with you to make sure your message is delivered successfully and efficiently. 

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