Video Production – An Overview

In our world consumed with smart phones and YouTube, we realize that anyone can shoot a video and post it, but it takes something special to tell a story. We know how to reach beyond the facts and tell your story in a powerful, compelling way, whether it's about a fundraising effort for a worthy cause, or simply to tell potential customers about your business or organization. We understand that if you can reach people through your story, you can get them to believe in what you're doing.

We also believe the quality of your production is just as important as the message itself. We use the latest in High Definition camera technology to capture motion pictures that are simply stunning. We take the time and are experts at creating unique videos with the highest production value.

Using well-grounded strategy and research while pushing the envelope of innovation, we clearly convey your message while maintaining an original and visually stimulating look.

Our video production services truly are a one-stop operation that involve pre-production (script-writing, storyboard layout, project design and development), production (on location shooting, directing), post-production (High Definition video editing, motion graphics creation, color correction, audio mixing), and final mastering (DVD/blu-ray authoring, compress for web delivery).

We have a network of voice-over talent, a library of stock music, images, & graphics for your project. We also encode every video for internet distribution and we even handle the packaging and duplication in-house. From concept to completion, we're with you every step of the way.

Clients we have worked with include Big Game Treestands, Daisy Blue, Kahler Automation, CGI Communications, Alliance Benefit Group, Unlimited Possibilities Dance Studio, area schools, churches & non-profits to name a few

Video Production

How It Can Help You:

Communicate: What's your message/ What's your story? How are you able to effectively communicate it a potential client in 3 minutes? We love to produce original video productions of products, facilities, staff and services.We help to communicate your services, accomplishments, and goals.

Production: Your production will reflect the creativity of a professional scriptwriter, videographer, editor, and multimedia engineer.

Sales: Nothing sells like a quality, professional video can. A quality-produced production will be an effective sales tool in a variety of marketing arenas. Your completed production can also be repurposed for use on the Internet, at a tradeshow, TV commercial, or as part of a live event.

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